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Welcome to J&M Bamboo Craft

Welcome to J&M Bamboo Craft

As a result of the global ban on plastic, natural and healthy bamboo and wood products are gradually appearing in the public eye, and are also loved by everyone

In order to let the general public know more about us, we have participated in international exhibitions and created Alibaba international website in recent years, trying to enter the vision of our foreign compatriots and let more people know about our traditional Chinese handicrafts, and also hope more people will pay attention to our products.

Long ago, we were the first to use the rich local bamboo resources to make traditional crafts, which have been developed and passed down to this day.

Subsequently, we developed a wide variety of decorative bamboo sticks, which have been well received by the general public and sales have been growing rapidly, with annual sales of decorative bamboo sticks now reaching 5 billion sticks.

Despite the three-year-long epidemic and the global economic downturn, our factory has grown steadily and our production volume has been on an upward trend.

The growth of our company is not only based on production, but also on professional management system and excellent after-sales service. We have created a professional production line, and regularly train our staff to insist on providing the best service to our customers, in order to bring you the best shopping experience.

The main products of our company include bamboo skewers in various styles, such as flower knot skewer, scissor skewer, fruit skewer and finger ring skewer, which are convenient to take and at the same time embellish the food and increase the appetite. There are also iron cannon skewers and barbecue sticks for barbecue.

In addition, we also produce various kinds of wooden products, such as wooden boats, knives, forks and spoons, ice cream cones, stirring sticks, mousse cups, and wooden clips, and there are also bamboo tableware, such as bamboo plates, bamboo baskets, bamboo clips, sushi bamboo rolls, etc.

If you would like to know more about our products, welcome to contact us.